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CuBox:The World’s Smallest Desktop Computer Running BitTorrent

Cubox – the world’s smallest PC to download torrents and broadcast video, as small as 5x5x5cms cm and a weight of 90 gm computer is running an operating system Linux. Initially, the system has a distribution of Ubuntu, but you can run others like GeeXbox complete with software XBMC and ruTorrent.

It is ideal that the miniature device consumes only 3 watts of energy during a video of 1080p, while still able to download torrents via Gigabit Ethernet and save them to a flash drive or an external drive for eSATA-II.


The cube set has ARM-based processor Marvell Armada 510 to 800 MHz, 1 GB DDR3, graphics processor with support for OpenGL, hardware video decoder 1080p, x USB 2.0 (two), HDMI. Manufacturer – the company Solid Run . The device differs from the Raspberry Pi support digital audio S / PDIF and the presence of an infrared receiver for a remote control A / W.

Compared with the Raspberry Pi, and other hand held computers, CuBox looks quite well: see the test results .


The illustration shows CuBox next to Raspberry Pi

Cost of CuBox along with a MicroSD card 4 GB is $120.


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