“Wikipedia” has collected $20 million donation

A nonprofit organization, “Wikimedia Foundation” has completed its annual campaign to collect donations for the development of their projects, the largest of which is “Wikipedia”. Campaign 2011-2012, was recognized as the “most successful” in history – in its course had been collected 20 million dollars, according to the blog, “Wikimedia Foundation”. Money is transferred over a million people. The planned annual…

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Cyber Laws, Security

The web’s largest registrar decided not to support anti-piracy law

The world’s largest domain name registrar GoDaddy has announced that more will not support anti-piracy law SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which is currently considering the U.S. Congress. This was reported in the press release. The statement notes that the fight against online piracy is very important, but taking any decision on this matter may take place only after full discussion, including, among…

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Reverse Engineering, Security

“The method of duckling” to solve complex problems

Programmers (developers?) Like to consider themselves to be creative, but engineers have decades earlier, and allow themselves such they could not. Modern creative developers have even invented a very interesting and creative way to solve complex problems – delegating their mind’s assistant, a  yellow rubber ducky from the bathroom. So does the book advises, “The programmer progmatik.” It seems that way is to try…

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FBI Report on Anonymous acknowledged falsifying

FBI Report on  haktivist group Anonymous was a falsification. The report, entitled “Psychological portraits of leadership Anonymous” was first published earlier this month. In the paper provides a brief psychological profile of each member of the leadership group. The report appeared already detained members of Anonymous’ topiary ‘and’ Kayla ‘, and’ Sabu ‘,’ Tflow ‘and’ JoePie91. ‘ 8-page document includes a brief background of the group, copied from…

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