Hackers threaten to publish the source code for Norton Antivirus

A group of Indian hackers Lords of Dharmaraja said that it was available source antivirus software company Symantec AV – Norton Antivirus. Attackers threaten to present it to the wider review. Will hackers push any requirement is not known. If the fact is confirmed leak code, Symantec will have to make significant changes to their product. Specialist Information Security Imperva Rakuold Rob believes…

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Android, OS

Google released source code for the new version of Android

Google has opened the source code of the last to date version of the operating system Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich.This was reported in the group for developers of social networking Google +. Posted code belongs to Android 4.0.1 – this version of the operating system will use the smartphone Galaxy Nexus, which Google announced in October.Code repository is available at…

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Id publish the source code of Doom 3

At his speech at QuakeCon on Thursday, John Carmack , co-founder and lead programmer Id Software, said the company plans to release the source code of Doom 3. Carmack said he had received permission from the parent company to publish the source Zenimax and is going to do it after the release of his new game, Rage, in October. He then suggested…

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