Cracking passwords in Mac OS X Lion simplified

The Apple made a few blunders in the security of passwords in OS X Lion, says blogger Patrick Dunstan. Dunstan, who published information about hacking passwords, Mac OS X a few years ago, I decided to revisit the problem with the release of OS X Lion (version 10.7). He discovered that the Apple developers have made two major mistakes in…

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Google Chrome 14 now stable!

Another enjoyable event for all the users of the browser – Google Chrome 14 is now stable! This version contains two new technologies that enable developers to create more sophisticated and functional web-based applications. Web Audio API – expanding opportunities for working with sound, create sound effects are now even easier!   Native Client – a new open technology to execute C /…

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OS, Windows

Windows Developer Preview 8 downloaded 500 thousand times in 12 hours

Windows Developer Preview 8 is now available for download . Today it became known that the operating system version predreliznogo redmondtsev 12 hours downloaded by more than 500 thousand users. Such statistics may surprise many users, especially when you consider that the release of Windows Developer Preview 8 is nowhere PR, as opposed to running Mac OS X Lion, have downloaded over a million…

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