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Android has won half of the smartphone market

According to Gartner, Google Android has been detected in more than half of smartphones sold in the third quarter of this year. The operating system scored 52.5% of all sales, doubling the share from the same quarter last year. And this happened despite the fact that many users are put off buying in the summer and bought a new iPhone is…

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28-nm processors Qualcomm Snapdragon – 2,5-GHz and 4 cores in early 2012

Qualcomm has confirmed that it intends to begin shipping next-generation processors Snapdragon Series S4 our partners at the end of this year. This information is reported, senior vice president of product management for Cristiano Amon in the event Innovation Qualcomm in Istanbul. Chips operating at speeds up to 2.5GHz, there may be a smartphone as early as next year, possibly in February, by…

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