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iOS 6 hacked a day after release

No sooner had the new items will appear in the online store, as hackers have developed a mechanism for its breaking. According to RIA Novosti, the company did not have time Apple officially release a new mobile operating system iOS 6, as hackers have developed a mechanism to break. To access the device attackers used the program redsn0w, created by…

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Jailbreak for iPhone 4S may appear on next week

Jailbreak for Apple iPhone 4S smartphones can appear as early as next week. This was announced in his Twitter developer, disguised under the pseudonym @ pod2g. Jailbreak for iPhone 4S smartphones and plashetov iPad 2 running on the operating system iOS 5.0.1, was available before, but it required to connect the gadget to your computer every time you turn the device,…

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Experts have learned to steal passwords from your PC with your iPhone

A team of researchers from American University and MIT Computer School at Georgia Institute of Technology says that they have found a way through the acceleration sensor built into the iPhone 4, steal passwords, the user enters a computer through a conventional keyboard, said the publication Ars Technica . Theoretically, an application based on this algorithm can allow hackers to steal user…

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iFixit disassembled iPhone 4S – confirmed 512 MB of RAM

One arrived today in the market of smartphones iPhone 4S immediately came to the lab resource iFixit, which experts have published a detailed report on the process of disassembly, complete with photos. Experts iFixit found that the battery capacity is 5.3 iPhone 4S W * h, that is, 0.05 W * h more than the iPhone 4. This has increased by one hour…

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Russian cryptographers deciphered iPhone 4

A group of Russian cryptographers from the company Elcomsoft has successfully cracked means hardware data encryption and specialized firmware in devices on the operating system iOS. Focusing primarily on corporate customers, Apple introduced a hardware-based encryption in the iPhone 3GS, later improve its support iOS 4. Cryptographic firmware allows assign access codes for the hardware encryption key information, thereby greatly…

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