App Store users have downloaded more than 25 billion apps

Number of downloads applications from the App Store has exceeded 25 billion, reported on the website of Apple. This figure Apple has managed to achieve over three and a half years of existence, the store of mobile applications for iOS. On reaching one billion downloads became known in late April 2009, after 9 months after the service. About 10 billion downloads Apple reported in…

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iOS, OS, Security

A vulnerability in the security iOS allows applications to perform malicious code

According to Forbes, a security expert Charlie Miller has found an exploit in iOS-devices, through which developers can place malicious applications in App Store, and while they will not find Apple. Then developers may at any time to use these programs to steal your contacts, photos and other information to make your phone vibrate lose it ringtone, and much more. The…

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Android, iOS, OS

Android overtake iOS by downloading applications in 2011

According to research firm Ovum, it is expected that this year will surpass the Android Apple applications on the number of downloads from its online stores, as demand for applications continues to grow. Report Company Mobile Application Download and Revenue Forecast: 2011-16 predicts that Android users will download apps 8.1 billion during 2011, compared with 1.4 billion in 2010. Meanwhile, Apple users will…

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Skype launches App Store App Directory

Skype has launched an online store, App Directory , to offer an easy way to search for third party applications that integrate with the VoIP-service system, and video calling the company. App Directory currently contains a total of 23 applications for Windows and Mac, their value varies from 0 to $ 350. These applications provide features such as recording calls and remote access…

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