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The Pentagon has approved the use of Android

U.S. Department of Defense authorized the use of devices from Dell systems running Android 2.2. The Pentagon has authorized the use of Android 2.2 platform on hardware from Dell. Earlier, the U.S. Defense Department officials could only use phones BlackBerry. Such action contributed to several factors. First, the Android platform is open source so you can easily reconfigure it. Thus, the Pentagon…

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U.S. spending in “Cyber” rose by 33% compared to 2010

According to the analytical study of IBM, and carried out by using cloud computing, online retail sector in the U.S. showed a significant increase in the so-called “Cyber” (Cyber ??Monday – the main day of the year pre-Christmas discounts in shops) compared to the same day last year. The volume of online sales grew by 33% compared to last year. Average Order Value…

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34% of malware for Android steal users’ personal data

The second half of 2011 was hot at times for cybercriminals attempting to apply the new fraud schemes in respect of mobile users. According to “Kaspersky Lab” Android platform has finally become the most popular among the creators of mobile malware, ahead of other platforms and ‘universal’ viruses based on Java. Apart from sending messages and making calls to premium numbers,…

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Malicious program DroidKungFu found on the Android platform

Computer researchers warn users of Android on another malicious campaign to this platform. At this time, the program managed to bypass traditional anti-virus filters. Researchers from the University of North Carolina have revealed at least two applications, malware infected DroidKungFu, in eight of Chinese shops and forums. This malicious program is largely due to Android 2.2, exploiting two vulnerabilities for…

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