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Top 10 smartphones in 2011

Beginning of the year – it’s time to take stock of the past year. With this article we are opening a series of articles about the devices that are not left indifferent everyone who followed the news about smartphones, cameras and laptops. Many of the novelties of 2011 caused and still causes controversy, some were not in demand, but has great potential. The…

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Google employees are testing Android ICS smartphones Nexus S

Its well known that Google has begun the process of testing updates smartphone Nexus S to version 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich . While it is only available to employees – this is reported, for example, Adel Saud (Adel Saoud) from Google. Now all these posts removed from the Twitter and Google +, but preserved their screenshots. Recall the recently released smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus just got the…

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Google released source code for the new version of Android

Google has opened the source code of the last to date version of the operating system Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich.This was reported in the group for developers of social networking Google +. Posted code belongs to Android 4.0.1 – this version of the operating system will use the smartphone Galaxy Nexus, which Google announced in October.Code repository is available at…

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich would be better to resist hackers

The new version of the mobile operating system Google Android has been updated to better resist the seizure of mobile devices by hackers operating errors in the code. Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich , added means of protection, known as ASLR, or address space layout randomization. This technology is regularly changing the memory address where the loaded software components. As a result,…

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