Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer already exploited by hackers

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While Microsoft is intended to correct some of the flaws in their products with patches that were released on Tuesday, the experts found a zero-day vulnerability in most versions of Internet Explorer. According to the researchers, this gap is exploited by hackers.

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer

The company FireEye, dealing with security issues, reported the vulnerability last weekend. The flaw affects versions of IE 7 to 10 inclusive, in Windows XP and 7. The experts also noted that there are two separate holes, one of which allows a hacker to gain access to the PC’s memory, and the other promotes data leakage.

According to the FireEye, attackers who discovered zero-day vulnerability have already used it to inject malicious code into the “strategically important site for people interested in politics of national and international security.” The name of the resource experts did not say. Malicious software is embedded in the site, there is only a memory of the PC, making it “extremely skilful and elusive.”

Microsoft has responded FireEye, stating that this vulnerability is different from the exploit discovered last week and already used by hackers. Experts tech giant has developed a solution to this problem, but has not yet published a full patch.

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