Wireshark goes with GTK + to Qt

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October 15 released a new version of the popular packet sniffer and traffic analyzer Wireshark 1.11.0 (version for developers). It was the first in which the user interface is translated from the usual library GTK + for Qt . Both of these tools allow you to write cross-platform code without having to rewrite a lot for each platform.

GTK + is largely influenced by what looked like Wireshark program and why it is attractive to the users. Everyone is used to this interface. Hackers with the experience remember how the program looked Ethereal (the old name of Wireshark) in the previous years at both supported Linux and Solaris.

It was a small lightweight utility. Soon she was ported to Windows, and after – on Mac OS X, and there are already serious problems with GTK +, which did not provide a native interface for OS X.

Qt provides a much more clean and nice interface on all platforms. For comparison, here it looks like the 64-bit version for OS X.

It is unfortunate, but for now the GTK + toolkit does not provide the necessary level of cross-platform, and the situation is getting worse, says Gerald Combs (Gerald Combs), one of the main developers of Wireshark. In the end, it is time to think not only about OS X, but also support Android and iOS.

“To decide on such a significant change was not easy, – says Combs. – I had to re-write thousands of lines of code and careful approach to the design of the program. Probably, Wireshark – the largest single application that does the following migration. However, I think this is the right decision which is important for long-term development project. ” With that, we can agree. In the end, the main functionality of Wireshark is not a graphical interface, and in the smooth running of traffic analyzer, and nothing here was to change with the transition on Qt.

Professional users of Wireshark, who are used to the old interface under Windows and Linux, the developers recommend until you abandon it, although you can see the Qt interface for your reference. But here’s OS X users are recommended to switch to the new version, even on Qt rewritten’s not all functions. This is a long process, like mentioned above, Wireshark – the biggest program, which is generally solved by this migration.

Wireshark-2 Wireshark-1 ethereal-0.2.0

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