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Windows 8: Tons of new features for added protection

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows will be equipped with “tons of features for added security”, including automatic virus scanning devices, as well as an upgraded version of an antivirus program Widows Defender, says the company.

On Tuesday at a conference in California BUILD vice president of planning and the Windows ecosystem Angilo Michael has demonstrated a test version of Windows 8, which is automatically scanned the infected flash drive used for loading the operating system. Even before the computer stopped the download process and displays a warning saying that the system has detected “invalid signature”, signaling that the flash memory is infected.

He was able to run a reliable version of Windows off and on the system.

The technology makes this possible is called the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). As the successor to BIOS, UEFI has been developed to reduce download time the PC. This technology has been established Intel, and they designed it to work with many different architectures.

“It’s not just about speed and interface improvements,” – said Angilo on Tuesday during his report with regards to UEFI. “It’s also safe.”

Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live divisions Microsoft, continued, saying that the developers of Windows 8 “worked on the Defender-ohm, and also created a host of new features to ensure effective protection.” “Users will be able to choose whether to use Defender-ohm or antivirus software created by another company. In general, the new OS offers a ton of new features to protect the system.”

On Wednesday, the company posted a message saying that Windows 8 will also include “low-level protection, such as Secured Boot, and user protection, including spam filtering by Windows Defender, and SmartScreen”. The report did not give more details.

Windows 8 also offers a new way to log in using the touch screen monitor. Sam Bone, an instructor for Security in San Francisco City College, has published a screenshot that describes this way: “You choose a picture and gestures to her to create a password that is unique and typical only for you.”

Bone with his students tested the protection of the new version of Windows, and reported their findings. “It contains a built-in antivirus and it works!” – He writes. “He not only stopped the test file EICAR, but more than a dozen other harmful components Metasploit. So maybe it’s time to get rid of your Symantec”.

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