Websense: The number of malicious web-sites has increased by 600%

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85% of the malicious sites hosted on legitimate web-resources.

As the researchers at Websense find that in 2012, the number of malicious sites has increased by almost 600% and exceeded 100 million Most of the attacks were directed at legitimate popular sites, forcing researchers to change traditional approaches to assessing the safety and credibility of the network resources online.


In their opinion, targeted attacks indicates the development of a new generation of hackers who attack high profile targets.

Analysis of the attacks point to their multi-level nature and the use of different vectors to bypass traditional security tools.

Thus, Websense experts say that in order to prevent future attacks in depth protection should be introduced in the system, including real-time monitoring.

According to the report «Websense 2013 Threat Report», every day for every person in your organization has an average of 1.7 attacks.

In addition, the number of malicious web-sites increased by 600%, with over 85% of them are located on legitimate resources.
Half of malicious content uploaded by users running on the system within the first 60 seconds.

According to the researchers, in the past year, U.S., Russia and Germany led the list of countries that have distributed malware, with China, the U.S. and Russia were the leaders in the placement of C & C-servers.

In 32% of cases abbreviated links from social networking sites led to malicious content. Attackers also actively took advantage of innovations in the social sites for profit.

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