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Vulnerability in iOS 6.1 allows iPhone to be compromised through the lock screen

By manipulating a few emergency calls and the power button, the user can gain access to the interface of the phone.

One of the users of the service under the name videosdebarraquito YouTube posted a video instruction Bypass lock screen on iPhone 5 running iOS versions 6.1, 6.0.2 and 6.0.1. As follows from the record, the vulnerability allows access to applications, contacts, voice mail and photos.

Vulnerability in iOS 6.1

According to the published step by step instructions, operation is to make the screen lock emergency call and then cancel it, after which you must hold down the power button.

Most of the users confirm that they were able to successfully exploit the flaw, but in some cases the manipulation ended attenuating screen smartphone. It is also worth noting that earlier a similar vulnerability was discovered in iOS 4.1.

At Apple, in turn, said that they were aware of the problem, and the developers are working on fixing it, which will be included in a future service pack. In addition, the company noted that it will soon be fixed bug with servers Microsoft Exchange, which resulted in the CPU gets the extra load and reduces the battery life of your mobile device.

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