Virus provides hackers remote control of USB-adapter, read information from “smart card” of users

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Malicious program that could allow an attacker to compromise the card readers for the “smart card” will be presented at the conference MalCon, India.

A group of researchers of the Luxembourg IT-Itrust Consulting announced the creation of a new virus that could provide hackers remote access to the card reader, designed for devices Smart card.

The principle of the malware will be described by its creators at the upcoming MalCon conference  in New Delhi, India, which will be held on November 24.

According to experts, the new virus that allows unauthorized access to connected via USB-port devices over the Internet.

In the process of gaining remote access to the device are then used middleware, established manufacturers of peripheral hardware, with which are connected to the card reader on the victim’s computer. This was announced by the developer of the virus Paul Rascagneres. According to him, the new virus is compromising the device in two stages – first connects to the USB-adapter with TCP / IP, then the second driver is installed on a computer by the intruder, giving the impression that memory card reader connected to it directly.

As noted by the developer, usually when installing card reader, Smart Card using special passwords. The prototype virus also contains a keylogger, by which steals passwords, tracking keystrokes of the victim.

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