USB Cotton Candy: dual-core PC with Android for any screen

The Norwegian company FXI Technologies showed a prototype computer the size of a USB flash drive, equipped with dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI-output, and a slot for reading SD cards.

The computer is named Cotton Candy (cotton candy) because of its weight at 21 grams, which is equal to the weight of the packaging of sweets. He is able to deliver what its founder called “the work on any screen.” That is, it provides the ability to turn any TV, laptop, phone, tablet or set-top box into a terminal to the operating system Android.

It has a USB 2.0 port on one end and HDMI-jack on the other. When connecting to an HDTV, it uses the HDMI port for video, USB for power, Blietooth for keyboard, mouse or tablet to control the operating system. The device can provide a signal up to 1080p, so even FullHD screen can display running Android 2.3 at its native resolution. Dual-processor capable of playing FullHD video or HD movies from the Internet.

For more information about the project or the Android-x86 If you’re looking for a way to load Android Honeycomb 3.2 on your laptop or PC, go to the site Android-x86 for details.

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