Torrent trackers to be blocked by IP-address

Alexei Volin believes that torrent trackers need to apply the same measures as to porn sites.

As ITAR-TASS quoted the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin, in the Russian sector of the Internet , there are about 160 pirate sites, ten of which are very popular. The deputy head of the Ministry of Communications said that the torrent tracker to block as well as porn sites – by IP-address.

head of the Ministry of Communications

According to Volin, if “bona fide” third-party sites people spread illegal or dangerous content, it is blocking a separate page on the URL. However, the torrent trackers and frankly pirate sites will be blocked entirely. “We will not block them for some particular things, we will close them on the” aypishniku ??”whole”, – told reporters, deputy head of the Ministry of Communications.

Alexei Volin said that the number of Internet users who are willing to pay for content gradually increases, and currently there are about 8 million. “These are people who pay money for the legal content that they get on the Internet. These are the users who are one of the growth drivers of the Internet economy, “- said the expert, adding that users are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money, if the content is really handy.

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