The “Shield”. Google will protect the weak from DDoS-attacks

A world map of DDoS-attacks like a map of hostilities of World War III, “the United States against all.” The huge flow of traffic going to the United States, Americans are shot poorly on China, their support several other countries. The situation is constantly changing, sometimes connected to the shootings Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

DDoS-attacks on the internet do not stop for a second, they already have become a normal background noise, a common tool in showdowns between companies and private individuals.


At times, DDoS-attacks are political in nature. For example, in authoritarian countries, the authorities like to “fill up” the elections the opposition sites. To help the victims of these attacks, Google today launched a new project “The Shield” . With its millions of servers and content distribution points worldwide infrastructure of Google – it’s bullet-proof protection for any site. Already, Google generates about 25% of all traffic on the Internet, having a large enough margin of safety.

The “Shield” is designed to support freedom of speech. It will support the work of the media, opposition websites with the results of exit polls and websites with information on human rights and other such resources. Content is being dubbed by hosting Page Speed ??Service (PSS) and protect it with a firm service protection from DDoS-attacks.

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