The number of malware samples exceed 75 million by 2012

According to McAfee, the number of new malware samples exceed 75 million by the end of the year.

In the quarterly report on the threats, the company reported that the number of new models over the preliminary assessment and makes the company to change its forecast, increasing performance.

Toralv Dyrr, a strategist in the security of McAfee Labs EMEA, said that the increase in the number of new malicious programs are mostly related to an increase in the number of malicious programs used to commit crimes. With the increasing number of criminals who use automated tools to create malicious programs, the level of unique samples is increased more than ever.

“For the most part it’s a few Trojan Whale” – said Dyrr. “Some people try to write a trojan from scratch.”

Also increase the number of malicious programs help the increasing concentration of mobile devices. The company discovered that malware authors are increasingly attacking Android phones by dialers and other malicious infections.

While Symbian phones are still the most common platform for malicious software, the company said that the tablets on Android are certainly the most popular target for new malware samples.

Dyrr noted that despite the fact that the prevalence of informal third-party application stores helps to stimulate an increase in the number of malicious programs for Android, other services may also be vulnerable to attack.

To help prevent an attack, Dyrr recommend users to explore information about downloads and pay close attention to requests for permission.

“Carefully read the rights that asks for an application,” – said Dyrr. “If you download an application Sudoku, and it makes a request for making calls, there’s something wrong.”

Criminals are also adopting new tactics to evade law enforcement. Dyrr noted that the recent increase in the number of arrests and destruction of large botnets has led operators to focus on smaller, localized networks.

When you run the smaller, regional botnet criminals have a better chance of avoiding detection by researchers and to stay out of sight of the police, he said.

“The more the botnet, the more interested in its destruction of law enforcement agencies,” – said Dyrr. “When botnets smaller law enforcement agencies is not that interesting to hunt for him.”

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