Syrian electronic army does not recognize the data leak

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which has attracted the interest of the public after a number of successful break-ins.

Members of the SEA on Friday denied the fact of data leakage, as well as the fact of hacking. “In any case, we do not hold any confidential or private data on a public server. We have a distributed team, and almost all that we need to be on our own computers, and communication is carried out in IRC ยป, – they said.

In response, on Saturday someone posted in open access archive 1.3GB with files from servers of SEA after their break-in April 2013. Now deny the hacking will be much more difficult for the SEA. Published the full contents of the Web servers, as well as screenshots of the internal infrastructure of blogs admin Parallels virtual machine for the site, set of credentials to accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn, probably activists SEA, logs all commands bash for a few months in 2013, imposed by the server administrators. Analysis of these teams shows that administrators are actively using IM-messenger

leak screen1 screen2

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