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Scientists have taught computers to recognize people for shoes

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At the moment the technology only works on the “sensory table” up to 89%.

A team of scientists from the German Institute Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, has developed Bootstrapper, designed to recognize members of shoes. As noted by three researchers at the moment the product works only on the “sensory table” such as Microsoft Surface.

The essence of technology lies in the fact that beneath the surface of the table there are several cameras Kinect, periodically take photos of the feet in RAW.Then, using a special software system processes the image and compares the data obtained with samples attached to each account on your computer. After a short test, scientists have concluded that the Bootstrapper can identify users with up to 89%.

According to team leader Patrick Baudisch (Patrick Baudisch), footwear ideal for tracking users, because it has a relatively large number of characteristics, including color, seams, logos and stripes.In addition, she is constantly on the floor, which also facilitates the identification.

At the same time, the researcher said that we should not consider this technology as a tool for information security.”Anyone can get around this system, for example, buying an identical pair of shoes” – said Baudisch.

It is also worth noting that the research team intends to present at the annual conference Bootstrapper CHI 2012, held in May this year in Austin, Texas.

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