SANS NetWars in Europe

The contest will be NetWars first launched in Europe in the SANS London 2011 , the largest event to raise the skills of IT security.

Participants compete in NetWars reconstituted medium enterprises in the real test their skills to protect, analyze, and attack, doing the real skills they need to succeed in protecting their organizations.

NetWars examine a wide range of skills, including the strengthening of the OS, the search for vulnerabilities in applications, penetration testing, malware analysis, traffic analysis and much more.

What is the difference from all other competitions? These skills will be tested in a very realistic and practical environment which will separate those who spoke about the security of those who really understands their business. NetWars uses solid experience SANS, recreating the modern examples of security problems that have occurred in reality. This is sure to be fun and difficult even for the best in the business.

“During the course SANS visitors constantly evaluate our workshops as the most valuable part of the course. With NetWars we really raised the bar, because the participants are trained to the extent of works of varying complexity, entirely consisting of workshops, and focus on the skills that professionals information security can use their daily work, “- said Ed Skaudis, an instructor at SANS Institute and director NetWars.

“The purpose of NetWars – used to test the skills that could be used by corporations, police departments and government agencies that were attacked in 2011. It is often too much of the theoretical discussions about information security, many forget about the importance of practical experience,” – explained to James Lyne, director of the SANS EMEA.

“Although NetWars played as competition, they mimic the real world,” – said Steve Armstrong, a certified instructor SANS.”The skills required to win the tournament, is vital for professionals to ensure IT security, if they’re going to meet today’s attacks.”

In this year’s participants are expected NetWars more than a dozen countries, and for the winners of the prizes are provided.”We still have vacancies, and the hardware requirements are minimal. The challenge is not to have the newest software and hardware, there are important skills and knowledge that will use the theory for practical purposes, to win over rivals. Come, have fun and improve their skills, “- said Lyne.

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