New Zealand Police arrest head gives details on Megaupload

New Zealand media on Saturday released details of the arrest of operators known Internet project, they have received from the local police, who told about the operation. Police said the arrest of organizers Megaupload more like a scene from a Hollywood movie than a regular arrest is specific to a quiet farm in New Zealand. According to police, a U.S. citizen, but born German dotcom Kim, also known as Kim Schmitz, was one of the Four arrested on Friday, the day before his 38th birthday at the request of the U.S. FBI, to investigate the draft Megaupload.Besides him were arrested three people suspected of involvement in the scheme, which resulted in infringed on more than $ 500 million.In addition, four through front companies in Hong Kong received a $ 175 million from subscriptions and advertising Megaupload with this resource.

They say the police, the head of the project Megaupload, apparently, knew that one day could be arrested for their activities, so it is quite good prepared for the arrest and the police had to take his fortified house by storm. “Despite the fact that we are clearly presented to him and said that we have all the necessary materials and evidence for its lawful arrest, Mr. dotcom, activating all possible systems of electronic locks in the house, barricaded himself in a special room and prepared weapons,” – says Inspector unit to combat organized crime, the New Zealand Police Grant Uormald. He said that police officers backed by helicopters from the air force and special units were forced to force their way into his house and hack security systems. “Once the police officers entered the mansion, they found there Mr. dotcom for the preparation of weapons for firing. This arrest was not as simple as it was originally supposed to” – he admits.

According to police, the dot-com in the house were found unregistered gun and a shotgun, embattled and is literally at your fingertips at the owner’s mansion. Along with the dot-com in the mansion was also detained 55-year-old armed man, who was also charged with illegal possession of weapons. During his detention operators Megaupload police also seized computers and securities for a total cost of about $ 8 million. New Zealand television also showed that police seized from the owner of the project pink Cadillac limo and Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. The house in which lived the head Megaupload is one of the most expensive in New Zealand and according to local real estate worth about 30 million NZ dollars (about 25 million U.S. dollars).

The house was located to all the necessary infrastructure lavish lifestyle – swimming pools, golf course and horse stables. In New Zealand dotcom granted a residence permit in 2010, taking a long term lease mansion, once the authorities were not allowed to buy it, because at the time of the application head Megaupload number of immigrants. In addition the authorities refused to buy a house based on the “bad past” Kim dot-com, who was convicted for insider trading and embezzlement in Germany and Thailand.

Note that in New Zealand’s political opposition has criticized the current government, because they knew who it was allowed into the country, understand that people do not have official work in New Zealand, but living in a big way. “This incident once again proves that New Zealand is not in vain in the sights of Europe, the USA and Interpol for their propensity to be a safe haven for all sorts of criminals. The New Zealand Police was in complete ignorance, who lives with them at hand as long as has not received a direct request from the FBI “- criticizing the country Jeffrey Carr, an expert on Internet security and CEO of Taia Global. Also, the New Zealand press pays attention to the fact that the dot-com had about two dozen personalized vehicle license plates, such as KIMCOM, HACKER, STONED, GUILTY, MAFIA, GOD and the POLICE. Also, on YouTube for quite some time been placed in the form of participation dotcom night races on his own Mercedes, as well as organizing the fireworks near the city of Oakland, which cost the organizer of more than $ 500 000. The statement of the American Ministry of Justice said that all detainees are represented group to manage “one of the biggest” projects that violated copyrights on the Internet. In addition, American investigators said that although Megaupload and not declared as illegal file-sharing for the project, in fact it was 99% full of it pirated content, access to which Internet users get to bypass all the licensing agreements.

Megaupload organizers were charged today in copyright infringement, money laundering and illegally obtaining information about users. Today the company manages Megaupload formally registered in Hong Kong, but some servers Megaupload located in the United States. On the eve of the American Court of Virginia decided to block a domain and it serves the servers in the United States and 18 other domain names related to the same project. Also in the U.S. Department of Justice said that more than 20 issued arrest warrants for people involved with Megaupload and it projects the satellite. The statement said the U.S. attorney what some people do not engage in file-sharing directly, but their job was to support the project and advertising of pirate file-sharing, as well as in the dissemination of information about what files are available on Megaupload for illegal downloads. Moreover, the U.S. investigation argues that the organizers have created a network Megaupload people who constantly and for the financial rewards were placed in a network of pirated materials, encouraging others to download them. Also in the documents, that the operators Megaupload “actively supporting” cross-network projects with hyperlinks, rising traffic root pirate services and increase traffic.

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