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Mobile devices will become a new means of authentication

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Company representatives presented the new Entrust authentication standards for businesses and government agencies.

Entrust company introduced a new system of authentication of employees of companies with mobile devices. Entrust digital certificates will be embedded in smart phones users to create trusted credentials to provide a more convenient system of authentication of employees. According to the company Entrust, two new standard Near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth will use modern popular mobile devices such as advanced authenticators. Two new standard is an extension of the program Entrust IdentityGuard, which is a universal platform authentication. This platform enables businesses to use digital certificates for mobile devices, which contain the credentials for access to corporate and wireless networks, as well as physical access to buildings and other facilities. Standards of NFC and Bluetooth will enable streamlined mobile authentication. The use of mobile devices to authenticate to the┬ácomputer┬ásystems will provide greater security than all existing security solutions.Entrust representatives stated: ” The programmatic approach to strong authentication system is the simplest and most cost-effective strategy for enterprises and government organizations.”

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