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Malicious program DroidKungFu found on the Android platform

Computer researchers warn users of Android on another malicious campaign to this platform. At this time, the program managed to bypass traditional anti-virus filters.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina have revealed at least two applications, malware infected DroidKungFu, in eight of Chinese shops and forums.

This malicious program is largely due to Android 2.2, exploiting two vulnerabilities for the implementation of a backdoor in the victim’s device, which allows hackers complete control, according to a report in the official blog of the University.

“Previously installed malicious software such as DroidDream , also used by these vulnerabilities. But the researchers believe that DroidKungFu has some differences, it is better to avoid detection by security software, “- noted in a blog.

“And despite the fact that in later versions of OS vulnerability data is closed, they are not completely safe. Security patches severely limit DroidKungFu, but the program can still gather some user information – such as the ID of the device – and send it to the remote site” .

Researchers at the moment to discuss the problem with companies to produce anti-virus software, and recommends that users follow the guidelines in the field of mobile security – need to load applications only from a reliable store, checking permissions before installing, and ensure the safety device at the proper level (ie, constantly update it ).


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