Japan leads the development of software for cyber attacks

Yomiuri Shimbun Japanese edition today announced that the official Tokyo has started to develop software for and neutralize cyber attacks. The so-called cyberweapon – this is part of the state’s military program. The main contractor for the creation of a specialized software company is Fujitsu, which has already received on the creation of cyberweapon 179 million yen or 2.3 million dollars.

The newspaper reports that while Japanese developers are busy creating custom software for monitoring and analysis of cyber attacks. Earlier in the press, there were reports that over similar designs also work, and other countries such as Germany, USA, China and the United Kingdom. Yomiuri Shimbun The article notes that Japan intends to make in the near future a number of legislative amendments to bring legal justification for the establishment and cyberweapon not equate it to the viruses, which are writing in Japan is under the legal prohibition. Also, the newspaper reported that Japanese developers are consulting with nine other countries, previously reported an extensive cyber attacks against them.

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