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Indian government has launched a “five-year plan” to update cybersecurity

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The authorities intend to establish channels of communication agencies of critical infrastructure in real-time.

The Government of India announced the launch of a five-year plan to improve security of critical infrastructure facilities throughout the country.

According to the agency (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center, NCIIPC), this step is a natural reaction to the dangerously growing number of hacker attacks.

It is worth noting that the private sector has also been active in efforts to improve safety. ┬źNCIIPC Developed in collaboration with industry associations working group to define the guidelines for the implementation of security” – said National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon.

As specified by government experts, the five-year plan of the government is affected by all the objects of critical infrastructure, including transport, energy, water, telecommunications and defense.

In addition, the initiative by NCIIPC plans to establish a new division to respond quickly to cyber threats (Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT), which will work closely with the regulator. Both agencies will coordinate their actions in real time.

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