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In 2012 Google has removed 51 million references from SERPs

The largest number of requests received in the current year are from RIAA.


Copyright owners often turn to the major search companies, demanding search results to be removed from searchs. And Google is no exception. According to TorrentFreak, in 2012, the Internet giant has removed more than 51 million websites that violate copyrights. Almost all of these web-pages which will no longer appear in search results is largest in number from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which requested to remove 7,000,000 portals. In 2012, Google was asked to block more than 554 links to The Pirate Bay. It is worth noting that the license holders want to protect their products from piracy. But often their requirements are legitimate resources. Google’s update also hinders free flow of information on the Internet.

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