Hacking servers of BitTorrent and uTorrent – source code leak

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Hacker MentaL revealed details of the story, which nearly resulted in the release of the source code BitTorrent, as well as documents of BitTorrent Inc., Including financial records.

In May 2013 MentaL got full access to company servers of BitTorrent. Examining the contents of the servers and making a copy of the source code, he still decided to notify the owner of the vulnerability. The company thanked the hacker and promised to transfer his reward. But subsequent events have forced the hacker to publish certain information online, including screenshots folder with the source code and secret documents.

MentaL says BitTorrent Inc. required him to send the invoice, so that it could send the rewards. In the end, the company offered a ridiculous amount of $500. Hacker was outraged by this amount, given the fact that he could have change the passwords on the server, replace builds of torrent clients and disclose sensitive financial information.

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