Hacker Hannibal laid out in the open access data 100 000 Arab Facebook users

Following the publication of credentials 100 thousand Arab users, Hannibal called on all Israeli hackers to stop cyber war with Saudi Arabia.

According to The Register, a hacker who uses the alias Hannibal, continued the war between the Palestinian and Israeli hackers, published in the open access user data 100 thousand Arab users of social network Facebook.

Recall that on January 13 this year, Hannibal stated that he had access to “30 million email accounts Arabs,” and will publish the data in parts for 55 years in response to hackers hacking Arab web-sites in Israel. After that, he put on Pastebin archive, as he said, with the credentials of 85 thousand users of Facebook. It later emerged that the number of compromised accounts is much lower. But on Saturday, January 21, 2012, a hacker reported an even greater leakage of personal data: “Until today I posted the credentials of hundreds of thousands of email accounts, as well as the social network Facebook … Today I laid out in the open access credentials for another 100 thousand Arabs. “In his message, the hacker claims that the purpose of his work is the desire to “prove his strength.” The Arabs should learn a lesson and do not play with me” – added a hacker. It should be noted that since the publication of these data, Hannibal called on Israel to stop hackers, cyber war. Hacker said he gets letters from the Arabs, who asked him to “stop publish their financial data and cause them harm”. Hannibal called for all Israeli hacker to stop cyber war until the attack on Israel will not resume. “If they appear again, I come to save Israel.Believe me. I’ll always be near. “Recall that the war between hackers from Israel and Saudi Arabia began after OxOmar published financial data 400 thousand Israelis.

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