Hacker criticized Thai government by hacking premiere’s Twitter

Unknown hacker broke into the personal Twitter’s new prime minister of Thailand Yinglak Chinnavat and left criticism of the government, said on Sunday agency Associated Press,referring to the representative government Titimu Chasaenga.

“We were informed that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies” – said the official.

According to him, an unknown intruder penetrated into account of the prime minister on Sunday morning and wrote eight tweets.

“If she can not even keep her account on Twitter, how can she protect the country? Think about it “ – said in a text message from a hacker. More tweets left largely to charges of incompetence of the Government, where officials have come through linkages.

The representative of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Thailand announced that work is under way to find the attacker. Yinglak took office as prime minister August 5, 2011, becoming the first woman elected to this high office in Thailand. It is the younger sister of former prime minister and billionaire Thaksin Chinnavata, who is in exile after the military coup in 2006, during which overthrew his government.

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