Google stubbornly remained silent on the identified vulnerabilities on Android platform

Already a month has passed from the time when independent experts said the two obvious flaws in Android platform , but no information on when the errors will be eliminated.

The first error gives developers the ability to set criminals on your device without permission from users.To confirm the vulnerability in practice research Dmitry Oberheyd introduced in the Android Market app disguised as a supplement to Angry Birds, which quietly and illegally, secretly installed by three more applications to monitor the location and contacts in the phone as a text message with the transfer of data to remote server.

The second vulnerability lurking in the Linux kernel and allows installed applications with limited privileges, receive on the device control. This bug is in code that manufacturers used in popular models of smartphones, including the Nexus S.

D. Oberheyd and his colleague H. Lanier plan in November at a conference SOURCE talk about the vulnerabilities identified in detail. Google  not yet commented on data that the researchers have.

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