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Google: more information about the issue of “unreliable” sites

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A few days ago the chief engineer of Google, Matt Cutts shared with the webmasters of information that the search engine now has expanded coverage of prevention «This site may be compromised» («This site may contain a threat.”)

Thus, in his post on Google + Mr. Cutts posted the following message: “We recently launched a change designed to broaden the scope of warnings about the resources that have been marked as a search engine as “dangerous” or “cracked.” We rolled out the functionality about a year ago and plan to continue their work in this direction, notifying webmasters of the problems on their sites, as well as warning the user from making transitions to potentially dangerous resources from the search results.

If your site has a tag in search results: Make sure that it is really clean and safe, and then apply for reconsideration. Learn how it can be done here .

In conclusion, let me remind you not forget to include the function of notification of potential problems on the site to e-mail, after you register the site in Google Webmaster Center “.

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