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Google is developing a new password manager for Chrome

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Password Manager for Chrome will create passwords that match the safety standards.

Google is developing a new password manager for your browser Ghrome, which will automatically create complex passwords for users. This was reported on the website The Chromium Projects.

When you log on the web-page where the user is asked to create an account, next to the form for the password will be a special icon, which clicking on the browser asks the user or he wants to create a password. If yes, the password generator will create a password, which will include a both large and small letters and numbers and punctuation.

According to the developers, the user can tweak the generated password on your own and then adopt it.

However, the company notes that there are some problems in the system. The browser can remember only those passwords that were created after the implementation of the generator. In addition, a password manager does not allow users of other browsers to work with archives, making it inconvenient for users working with more than one browser. Also, the system will generate work if it will allow the site itself, as some web-resources only allow manual entry of passwords.

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