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Google gets rid of passwords

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Google is developing solutions that will allow users to enter their Gmail account using a ring with a microchip. Staff members of the security department of the company presented a report which reported on possible ways to improve secure access to web-sites.


This development can be very useful, because in 2012, many people have suffered from hacked accounts. As the researchers say Google, passwords are not enough protection of information on the Internet, since most of the incidents occurred because of cracking passwords.

Of course, the ring of protection will not be the usual accessory – it will be built on the hardware key, which attach to the computer screen or mobile device, will provide access to any service of Google.

At this time Google researchers are experimenting with the use of miniature cryptographic cards Yubico, which, when using USB, allow you to automatically log in to the user accounts after the first registration. To recognize Yubico cards, specialists had to make some modifications to web-browsers.

Over time, Google plans to dispense with USB-connection. Thus, the dongle can be integrated into any accessory, such as a ring.

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