Google Chrome 16 ready

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Google has announced its full readiness final version of Web browser Chrome, 16 in which the efforts of the developers has been eliminated 15 vulnerabilities that had high and medium hazard class.

It is reported that four of the fifteen vulnerabilities were associated with an integrated processing module browser PDF-files (this module uses the Foxit PDF SDK). Two of these vulnerabilities were marked by high degree of risk (they allow an attacker to gain access to different parts of the system memory), two other vulnerabilities allow a special PDF-parser execute malicious code embedded in the PDF-file, allowing to carry out an attack on the memory buffer and cause it to overflow They were marked by high-class risk.

In addition to the vulnerabilities in the PDF, flaws were found in some components of the web engine responsible for processing SVG-files and javascript-objects.

Of the 15 vulnerabilities 6 had a high hazard class, 7 – and yet the average 2 – poor, with the third party identified bugs from Google users participating in the program Chromium Security Reward, received about $ 6,000.

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