Facebook Hacker Cup

Russian Peter Mitrichev was declared the winner of the first annual “hacker cup Facebook» (Facebook Hacker Cup). Mitrichev received $ 5000, the cup itself, and recognition of colleagues in the programmer’s workshop and congratulations from the hands of the head of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Himself a cup, says Zuckerberg, symbolizes the hacking on the positive side of this notion. According to the head of Facebook, a hacker – is, first of all, the person who can solve any problem of non-standard way, and to do it faster than others. As for the “hacker’s Cup”, there is Facebook has taken the path of other global IT companies, organizing various competitions and championships for the participants from all over the world.

So, Intel organizes and supports a gamer competition, but Google with its Google Code Jam contest encourages programmers. There are also other competitions such as American TopCoder, and others. In Facebook tried to distance himself from these events and conducted in-house finals, where 25 finalists, including seven from Poland, six from Russia, four from the U.S., two from Japan and one each from China, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands , Singapore, Switzerland and Ukraine, have attempted to solve three logical tasks that had to be solved with the use of a computer.

Before the final competition of Facebook has conducted several preliminary rounds, the first of which was in January of this year.

To solve the final problems of the participants were required not so much a programmer’s skills, how good the logic of thinking and a basic knowledge of higher mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Facebook allow members to use in solving any operating system (de-facto Windows or Linux), and any programming language (the majority chose either Java or C + +). By default, all participants received a Windows-PC software with a set of Cygwin, emulating environment Linux.

Originally, Facebook gave participants of the competition two hours to address three issues. After the allotted time, the conditions of 25 people only three have solved all three problems. And one resulted in an algorithm with a small error, but two – Peter and Mitrichev Tencheng Lu – have done so without error, but the Russian has spent a formal decision in less time and therefore was declared the winner.

Lou used to implement solutions Visual Basic, while Mitrichev – Java. According Mitricheva, Java, he chose, because in this language when writing code more difficult to go wrong, besides the size of the code here can be reduced to a minimum.

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