Edward Snowden trained by the NSA

The papers of Edward Snowden not give enough clarity about what exactly he was doing for the NSA, what was his position.

He was not told about it, and his employer is also silent. Snowden officially called the technician or system administrator, but in an interview with China Morning Post, he described himself as “infrastructure analyst” who had “access to lists of computers around the world, hacked by the NSA.”

Journalists from the newspaper NY Times talked to people who have seen Snowden’s resume, although it is classified information, but the newspaper has published short excerpts from the summary.


In summary, it is said that a 30-year-old “is trained to operate computer security expert”, the lack of which is keenly aware of the NSA, as the largest intelligence organization in the world. In 2010, Snowden took special courses “certified ethical hacker” in the NSA, where he was trained to “think like a hacker and to understand hacking techniques.”

Here are some other facts of working life Snowden.

  • Around 2007, Edward Snowden began work as a technical undercover CIA operative who posed for junior foreign service officer (officer) in Geneva.
  • Snowden has left hundreds of messages on the forums Ars Technica (under the pseudonym TheTrueHOOHA ), one of which is said about the “six months of top-secret technical training.”
  • In 2010, he moved to Japan to work for a company Dell commissioned by the NSA. He supervised the preparation of computers for compliance with the NSA, then worked in several offices of Dell in the U.S., and was responsible for «Windows-infrastructure” on the west coast of the U.S..
  • In April Snowden moved from the Dell to Booz Allen. As it turned out, he did it on purpose to gain access to documents that are going to declassify. Before joining Booz Allen, or simultaneously with the event Snowden contacted the journalist Greenwald of The Guardian to discuss the transfer of documents.


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