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DirectPass: password manager from Trend Micro

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The regiment password managers replenishment. Another similar product has released the company Trend Micro, a well-known developer of various products in the field of computer security. They created a program called DirectPass and has broader functionality than a normal password manager.

DirectPass an encrypted storage of textual information. First and foremost, there must be stored usernames and passwords from online services, but can be placed and other confidential notes.

Among the additional features – auto-complete forms on Web pages, password generator, password synchronization between different devices (cloud service), protection from keyloggers, authorization on the sites with one click. For your convenience, the program comes with an extension for your browser.

Free version only five DirectPass stores passwords, and for the removal of this restriction are asked to pay $ 14.95 per subscription year.

By the way, according to a study Trend Micro, now 75% of users have 10 or more accounts in the various web services, and only 20% use a password manager.

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