Cisco: Hackers from Syrian Electronic Army use third party services for attacking mass-media

According to experts, those portals whose content is generated by third parties, journalists are at greater risk of being compromised.

As the recent report by researchers from Cisco, a group of hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army, most likely use services of third parties to carry out attacks on the websites of various media. Moreover, for those portals whose content is generated by third parties, increases the risk of compromise.


It should be noted that the Syrian electronic army has repeatedly claimed responsibility for attacks on a number of different media sources. Only for the current year members of the group claimed the attack on Twitter, Thomson Reuters, The Associated Press and The Guardian.

Last Thursday, representatives of The Washington Post acknowledged that their website was the victim of the attack. The intruders act in support of the current regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A similar situation last week had developed around the online channel CNN.

Cisco researcher Jason Schultz (Jaeson Schultz) explained in his blog that determine the method of attack, that it was possible after analysis of similar incidents at Outbrain sharing services and ShareThis.

“According to the search« whois » domain name is registered through GoDaddy the company Akamai. However, starting from August 21, their DNS-servers were attached to the servers of the Syrian electronic army “- said Schultz.

Read the report Cisco can be here.

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