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China deprives Internet users the right to anonymity

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Residents of the state will be required to use real names when registering with Internet providers.


China would force people to use their real names when registering network providers. Recall that such a policy is already in use with users of microblogging services. Such government actions have been taken in an attempt to stop spreading of rumors on the internet.

The law will be discussed by officials of the state this week. As part of the innovation all Chinese people who want to sign up for access to the Internet, including mobile, will be required to provide their identity card. “The law provides for the development of the Internet in the context of the protection of citizens’ interests. Only those methods will make the Internet a healthy cultural and security, “- said the representative of the Communist Party of China. Many users claim that such innovations are aimed at imposing a strict censorship on the Internet, which has so far remained the only platform for a more or less open discussions. It is worth noting that at present it is not clear how the new rules will be different from previous ones, as in China has long documents which must be presented when signing contracts with Internet service providers. Government claims that the law is necessary because it will prevent unwanted distribution of anonymous accusations towards authorities in China.

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