Android Opera Mini ahead in the race for the title number 2 Mobile Browser

According to Net Applications, Android browser has overtaken Opera Mini, and became the second most common mobile browsers.

The share of mobile browser from Google in the market has grown steadily in the period from January to October, and has risen from 12% to 18%. And the use of Opera Mini in that same period fell 21% and instead of at the beginning of the year now stands at only 13%.

The popularity of the browser Android growing at over 2011. Largely due to the rapid sales of devices such as Samsung Galaxy S II, which sold in September reached the level of 10 million.

However, Google is not yet ready to challenge Apple in the battle for first place. Safari is the most popular mobile browser: 62% of users use it to access the Internet through a device with iOS.

Since January, Apple’s share of the market grew by 8%, since the iPhone and the iPad continue to be bestsellers. During the last quarter, Apple sold nearly 11 million and 17 million iPad iPhone, and does not seem to stop.

Meanwhile, the share of the Symbian platform was reduced to 2.5% compared with 6% in early 2011.However, it is not surprising since Nokia in its financial report for the third quarter, announced that sales of high-end smartphones have fallen by 39% over the previous year.

The top five leaders of the browser BlackBerry, which throughout the year, stayed with their modest two percent.

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