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A vulnerability in the security iOS allows applications to perform malicious code

According to Forbes, a security expert Charlie Miller has found an exploit in iOS-devices, through which developers can place malicious applications in App Store, and while they will not find Apple. Then developers may at any time to use these programs to steal your contacts, photos and other information to make your phone vibrate lose it ringtone, and much more.

The next week at a conference in Taiwan SysCan Miller plans to tell more details about this vulnerability and show how it can be used. Miller is no stranger to security both Mac and iOS, and in 2008 he broke two minutes MacBook Air via a vulnerability in Safari.

It seems that now every application in the App Store may be unsafe, so it’s best to stay away from the use of lesser-known applications and developers, as Apple does not resolve the problem.

Apple closed the account and developer Miller removed its application to the App Store, due to the fact that he was involved in this study.

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