A hacker with a disability assisted fortune in the Far East to deceive customers

Operatives Division “K” Don police officers with the Russian Federal Security Service in Rostov region have detained a hacker from Novocherkassk. He hacked e-mail Vladivostok residents commissioned by the Far Eastern fortune teller. In the hometown of her business flourished: how to know these tidbits …

How do I find the operatives of The CEO of the Interior Ministry in Rostov region, a fortune teller found on the web site of the hacker from Novocherkassk. Trickster offered on its web-site service for hacking various databases. Thus ensued a very profitable business for both. fortuneteller carefully learned from its customers their email addresses and sends the information to the hacker.

Computer genius cracked the box and got him the access password, send e-mail page sybil screenshot of her client, thus denoting the job. Having then zakazchica of recompense – ten dollars for each e-mail hacked – the hacker, in turn, would send the witch passwords to e-mail addresses “- sounded a fraudulent scheme an employee police Glaucus Don Catherine Dan. And then the fortune-teller came across a “harmful” client: fortune-teller told the girl about her very sensitive information that she had discussed with a friend by email only. A resident of Vladivostok simply appealed to the police. Operatives brought a fraud to clean water, stirred up against her criminal case, finding out that the roots of crime are in the Rostov region. What a surprise it was our investigators when they learned that a hacker – a serious 30-year man, and not some pimply-faced student. Moreover, this wheelchair users, there was officially retired and did not work. With respect to residents of Novocherkassk criminal case under article 272 “Illegal access to computer information,” he is under house arrest “

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