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99% of malware targets Android

A recent study shows that the amount of malware targeting Android is incredibly large.


Researchers’ at Kaspersky ” found that 99% of newly discovered malware on mobile devices are aimed, in general, at Android, and only a small number of them focused on smart phones running on Java and Symbian.

In January 2011, the researchers at “Kaspersky Lab” tracked only eight of these malwares, and then the average monthly rate of discovery of new malware for Android in 2011 has started to increase and reached a number of 800 samples. In 2012, experts found 6300 monthly malware on mobile devices. Last year, the number had increased to more than eight times.

Most malware on Android attribute to three main groups: Trojans, backdoors and spyware Trojans. SMS-Trojans enter the phone numbers of victims by sending messages. Backdoors get illegal access to smartphones, which allows attackers to install other malware to commit theft of personal data of victims. Spyware Trojans, respectively, aim at unauthorized access to personal data. Less common, but more dangerous are those mobile banking trojans like Zeus.

Researchers note that Android platform allows you to install software from untrusted sources, so there is a great risk of getting “infected” by downloading the software from suspicious websites. Experts believe that in 2013, the problem with Android will become even more pronounced when the phenomenon BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will become even more popular.

Note that studies show that 85% of companies are positive towards the movement BYOD, as they believe that the use of one mobile device at home and in the office will help their employees find a balance between work and personal life.

However, the increasing popularity of BYOD raises concerns, companies are required to conduct a strict security policy, through the approval of the list of approved devices for use, researchers warn.

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