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10 most common iPhone passwords

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The problem of weak passwords is not limited to computers. This fact was found application developer, who added a code to identify user’s password to one of their applications.

“Because the password input screen and lock screen in Big Brother [discussion software] are almost identical to the protection provided by the iPhone, I found that the information collected is correlated with current passwords iPhone “, – says Daniel Atitey.

It was found that of 204 508 registered passwords, 15% among the top ten the most common:



If you compare them with a list of the most common Internet passwords, you can notice the similarities. “Most of the most commonly used passwords is subject to typical formulas, such as four identical numbers or numbers that are located in number on the phone (from the top down or bottom up), “- he said.” 5683 is password-less obvious pattern, but it turns out that these figures hidden word LOVE (5683), which again is an imitation of a popular Internet password: iloveyou “.

Another model that can be identified by looking at the list of 100 most used passwords – is significant use of numbers that make up the date of the last century – 1990’s and especially the 1980s. Amitey attributes this to the that the majority of users aged 11 – 21 years, and these passwords can represent the year of birth or school registration.

Again, nothing new here – people often use their date of birth (Or date of birth relatives) as a PIN-codes, passwords, codes, worrying about that they will soon forget the random number and choosing the numbers that are sure to remain in memory.

In conclusion we can say that people are predictable and not particularly think about security. But the fact that makes discovery Amiteya extremely important is that if someone steals or finds your lost iPhone, at He has a 15% chance to unlock and access the data before than they would be wiped out, just going through the options from the above list of the 10 most used passwords.

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