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10 Apps to Secure Your iPhone

As long as Apple did not provide a full-featured antivirus for iPhone, there are several points to be taken by each user IPhone to protect your device.

A great variety of other functionality, such as password management, or the introduction of additional protection for sensitive files, implemented in the applications of third parties. Given the huge number of applications for the iPhone AppStore, search for the optimal solution of the problem is the problem. Later in this article I will tell you about some applications that will improve the security of the phone.

Functionality Find My iPhone to iCloud is the basis of security for your device. It can be activated in the Settings -> iCloud. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can determine its location, display a message on the screen, play a sound for 2 minutes, and remotely lock the phone. You do not need to download a free app Find My iPhone, to find your iPhone, if you have lost it. The application will allow you to use your phone to perform the same function on other iOS-devices.

GadgetTrak ($ 3.99) offers functional, somewhat different from the previous application. If your iPhone is stolen, you will be able to use his camera to try to make the photo thief (as opposed to the Find My iPhone). Also, if the Find My iPhone allows you to see only the current location of the phone, then GadgetTrack allows you to see the position of the phone to a certain point in time, thus allowing to trace the entire path.

Intego VirusBarrier iOS ($ 0.99). The application is a full-featured Antivirus for iPhone, but it provides the ability to scan files, including email attachments, the malware for Windows and Mac. According to a statement on the company’s website, iOS does not allow security scan files automatically or on a schedule. VirusBarrier is a system of definitions of malicious software on demand, offering you the ability to scan files as needed.

SplashID Safe for iPhone ($ 4.99) for secure storage of your passwords, credit card, account number, registration code in the network. Automated Password Generator allows you to create strong passwords, stored data is protected 256-bit encryption Blowsifh, and the application via Wi-Fi sync with the application for the PC ( ) ($ 19.95).

1Password Pro from AgileBits ($ 14.99) gives you functionality similar to a functional SplashID, with one exception. In addition to Wi-Fi for data synchronization with the application for the PC ($ 49.99) can be used Dropbox. “The data are processed in 1Password, encrypted before any write operation or transmission” – written on the company’s website. “If you use Dropbox to sync between devices, a copy of your data will be stored in the Dropbox. But even if Dropbox is compromised, an attacker to decrypt passwords will need your master password known only to you … ”

The next option to store passwords, LastPass (free), offers remote access to passwords stored using the service LastPass Premium ($ 1/mesyats). The encrypted data stored in the cloud. According to the company, all the operations of encryption / decryption are carried out on the user’s computer, rather than on its servers, it is sensitive data sent over the network only encrypted.

iDiscrete ($ 2.99) protects the most varied content (video, images, documents, etc.) on your phone. If any unauthorized user tries to access an application, they will be shown false boot screen. If he can not enter the correct code, then download the app to create notes. Protected files can be transferred between your phone and PC via Wi-Fi.

If you are often in conversations discussing confidential information, you can use the Kryptos (free) which converts the 256-bit encryption AES. The program works in networks of 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. Also available for BlackBerry and Android-devices.

Webroot SecureWeb (free) is an advanced mobile browser with the function of filtering to protect users from malicious sites. The application will automatically synchronized with the address data for the implementation of real-time protection. Search results are provided with summaries of trusted sites.

Mail can deliver a huge disadvantage if in your inbox will always be a lot of spam. Spam Arrest (free) offers a solution to the type of “question and answer” – instead of using filters to detect spam and malware, it requires each addressee to confirm their identity in response to question. The application allows you to create an account, manage unverified email, and edit lists of confirmed users.

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