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W3C published full specification for HTML5

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Organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has recently published a new version of the full specifications of HTML5. This means that the development of the language is not shaky but appears to be moving toward completion since 2004.

It also published the final specifications for the so-called “canvas” (Canvas2D). This is a tool to display the Web-page for any graphics tools.


At the moment, many Web browsers and other Internet applications already support HTML5. However, this support is implemented on the basis of previously published draft specifications of individual features of the language and in different applications.

Publication of full HTML5 specification means that developers of Internet applications can now make their products fully compatible with this standard. A web designer can create pages that successfully display in all browsers without using platform-specific coding techniques.

Note that the published documents have the status of recommendations. Adoption of the final specifications for HTML5 will be in 2014.

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