Ruby on Rails 3.2

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Developers of the popular open framework for Web applications Ruby on Rails today announced a new version of its product, the latest release of many novvovedeny, as well as a number of features that let you quickly create applications. Recall that the first version Ruby on Rails appeared in 2004 and has quickly gained popularity because of the simplicity and flexibility of the language development of Ruby, which lets you create complex web applications. The current version of Ruby on Rails 3.2 is the first major-release since last August, when the release of version 3.1. David Hansson, one of the leaders of developing Ruby in Rails, says that the new version adds a special mode of rapid development, which was not yet in 3.1. The main difference between this regime from the usual is that every time a running program is changed and tested, “Fast Mode” reloads only real change classes, but not all of the classes that are in use. This approach makes it particularly significant increase productivity and save time on large Ruby-projects. Also in the new version of the new classes related to databases, new tools for debugging and updated engine, working with Ruby-codes. More technical details about the new version available at

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