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PHP IDE Review : CodeLobster

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For a long time, I worked in PHP for development. I’ve developed Java Web applications with Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. These are a great Java IDEs. I wanted something similar for PHP. Recently I came across Code Lobster – a Portable PHP IDE, so reviewing it for our readers at LetsByteCode.


IDE Features the following

Front-end Designing

  • HTML Editor
  • HTML Code Inspector
  • CSS editor
  • Javascript editor


  • PHP editor
  • PHP debugger

Advance Features

  • SQL Manager
  • Version Control Systems
  • Code Validator

There is more to it: Code highlighting, Code Intelligence, Code Inspection, Errors and Warnings highlighting, Easy Navigation, Debugging, Preview, and Portable option.

first look


code highlighting

code completion

code explanation

The add-on advantage of working on CodeLobster is that you can now understand, design and develop complex CMS applications by using the add-on plug-ins.

List of Plugins

  • CakePHP plug-in
  • CodeIgniter plug-in
  • Drupal plug-in
  • Facebook plug-in
  • JQuery plug-in
  • Joomla plug-in
  • Smarty plug-in
  • Symphony plug-in
  • WordPress plug-in
  • Yii plug-in


Installation of CodeLobster is simple, download the copy of CodeLobster from the official site.

You have various options to choose from when installing the software, select them as per your requirement:

 if you have the license version you can enter the product activation code received by CodeLobster:

you get a vast range of plug-ins to install from and can select the components you want to install as per your requirement:

select the file-types you want to open on CodeLobster IDE:

CodeLobster has an added advantage of Portability which you can select during installation:

CodeLobster Versions

Free Version which is a freeware including

  • Front-end Designing
  • Php

Professional Version is a shareware including

  • Advance Features
  • Plug-Ins

Plug-in cost varies between $29.95-$49.95. If you bundle all plug-ins and advance features then it will cost you only $119.95 but worth the price.

The CodeLobster PHP editor is useful whether you are a beginner at coding and developing or want to be reminded which code does what at some levels. It has a lot of useful features that help you in every stage of a project. From the multi-windows to the debugger and the onboard help, you can create exactly what you are hoping for in your next website or application.

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